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Created for This with Danielle Roberts

Jan 31, 2019

My brother and seminary student, Ben Reedy is joining me in this episode as we discuss how to know God's will. His will is something that we often wonder about as Christians. It's also something that we strive to know as we make big decisions or set ourselves up for the new year.

Ben and I are giving the following information in hopes that you will better understand how God's will works.

Get to know your Bible. Start to read in the four gospels. Then move on to the rest of the New Testament. We're supposed to be little versions of Jesus, so when we know him, we can act like him.

God gives us so many ways to know his will, even if it's not a flashing sign.

  • Counsel from godly people.
  • The Holy Spirit's voice (giving yourself space to listen)
  • Having a good knowledge of scripture

Listen in next week for more on this topic.


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