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Created for This with Danielle Roberts

Jul 5, 2018

I wanted to pop in quick and share with you what's on my heart for you. These are things that I do when I need some encouragement for my day.

- The first one is one that I use when I feel like my kids are crazy, when I need to pray and be encouraged, so basically every day. It's worship music! I pull up my nifty YouTube app and listen. The one that I love right now is So Will I (100 Billion X) from Hillsong United and Rooftops from Jesus Culture.

Worship music is great for when I need inspiration, so I can get in the mood and in the zone. When I start writing something, I pray and ask Jesus for his words to flow through me. It's someone else singing and praising God so I can write and still be praising God.

- Secondly prayer. Whether that's with you alone, with your kids or your partner. If you have a friend to type "hey, can you pray for me today" is so good! That's why I talk so much about having an inner circle who is willing to pray for you, for your business. If you have times when it's a rough day when you've been up all night, it's necessary.

My girlfriend and her husband are in town sharing about their missionary journey and what's next so I was up late last night coming up with a few different ideas as to how to do something with what they were sharing. She was talking about wanting to use their experiences to teach kids about mission work so in my head, like every good creative entrepreneur, I was up thinking through writing something up.

It's so powerful to have those people who can pray and lift you up, pray for zest and zeal for their day.

- The last thing that gets me excited and going for the day is to make a to-do list so I'm not having to remember everything in my head, but rather, having it on paper so that I can scratch things off as they get completed.

If it's on paper and I've got a pocket of time, I'm able to work on something small. My husband and I were talking about to-do lists. Someone was talking (possibly JP Morgan) and saying something about "show me how to make a million dollars and I'll give you x amount of money." Someone sitting with him wrote on the top of a piece of paper "to-do list" and gave it to him. While making a to-do list might not make you a million dollars, but it makes a difference in how much you get done.

I read The Fringe Hours a few years ago and it made a huge difference in how I view time and productivity. We've got 24-hours in our day and if we use eight of those hours, or if you're like me and you want 10 hours of sleep, that leaves time to cook, eat, go to the bathroom and shower, kids and family and girlfriends who want to go do things. That takes away those hours. So if you write down what you want to do for the day or the week, then set priorities for the day, you get things done.

Jessica's point was that in tiny pockets of time you've got, you can work towards getting things done. It makes me super excited to get my list done. I can do things when my husband gets home, or I got a text for a free Redbox which I'm totally going to go get. I deserve a break and I want to make time for it.

I will always be one for to-do lists, unless you get super overwhelmed by them, then we'll figure something else out for you. 

That's my encouragement for today - go make it a great day!