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Created for This with Danielle Roberts

Sep 1, 2021

Activities I'm doing in my own business to make it function better:

- Updating my Niche and the words that describe my business.

- Looking at my goals and asking:

  • Are they still working?
  • What's been accomplished?
  • Do I still want to do _____________?
  • Examining business finances with my accountability partner.
  • Analyzing systems to find out what's lacking and adding or improving what needs to be changed.

- Looking at what in my business is working or not working.

- How to find time to do this:

  • Think about it while you're doing other things.
  • Add it to your calendar then stick to it. My favorite planner is my Faith and Focus Planner.
  • Make a date with your friends or accountability partners.


Inspiration comes for this comes from Abbey Cappa's She's Here for It podcast episode #66 5 Keys to a Side Hustle Reset